At Stoneridge, we’re passionate about finding the right products to create the customized look and feel you want. While many of our customers are interested in making home improvements, we are also proud to work with business owners who want to take their business’s flooring to the next level.

A well-done, skillful flooring renovation shows that your company invests in quality work and understands the importance of a well-planned floor design in showcasing what your business has to offer. Flooring is one of many pieces that go into creating a space that expresses who you are as a business and assists in representing what you have to offer.

From the moment a potential customer walks in through the door, they immediately begin to form an impression of your business. Research shows that staff and customers are able to relax and feel more comfortable in a business with well-laid-out, high-quality flooring—which can translate to individuals believing your place of business is trustworthy. Building trust simultaneously creates an environment where faster and higher quality work can be accomplished.

In general, open floor plans provide more natural light in a room and create an uninterrupted line of sight, which lets the customer focus on the product they are viewing. Open flooring also allows for a better ease of navigation. This gives your place of business a high-quality look and feel, translating to customers spending money and establishing repeat business.

One of our clients, Johnny Macs, showcases these characteristics with great success in their Springfield location. (Pictured above)

Stoneridge Flooring Design is committed to offering the best service and quality flooring in the business. We place a strong emphasis on customer service and personal relationships, and our diligence and hard work are surely able to impress you and your clientele. Contact us for a free consultation if you are considering renovating your business’s floors!