Anyone who knows us knows we love creating beautiful showers and helping bring new life to a space with a stunning addition. Showers and tubs come in many styles and can be made beautiful with a variety of materials. However, once Stoneridge has completed construction on your reimagined bathroom, the upkeep is in your hands.

There are some common misconceptions about any number of building material, but one we hear most frequently involves grout. Sadly, grout is not waterproof. Like any other part of your home, your shower, no matter the material, will require attention to ensure it looks as great and lasts as long as possible.

In fact, tile, stone and grout will retain water. The amount of water retained depends on the material. A porcelain surface will be naturally denser than a travertine surface, which means porcelain can withstand more water. However, no matter the material used, proper upkeep should keep any correctly installed shower in great condition.

What cleaner should you use? When in doubt, always check with the manufacturer. You can also apply waterproof coating to reinforce your shower’s water resistance. And of course, if ever in doubt, please feel free to call or visit us today. We love talking showers, and helping keep them beautiful is a plus!