What a great time of year!

Early summer is perfect for working in the garden, waging relentless war on Japanese Beetles, hitting the pool, playing in the yard, and staying outdoors juuuust a little longer each evening. We LOVE this season.

The only part we don't love (in addition to the absence of spring...did we just dive right into the mid 90's, or what?) is how dust, dirt, grass, pollen (woe to you, dear allergy sufferer!), and other remnants of the outdoors find a way into our homes.

We try to keep it outside as best we can. Keeping our surfaces, indoor air, and flooring (particularly carpet) clean can be a daily battle. Every so often, in addition to the cleaning you're already doing, give us a call. Our Clean Machine uses a hot water extraction system to get your flooring really, really, REALLY clean...without soaps and detergents!

Have fun outdoors this summer. Enjoy your time with friends and family. We'll help with the cleaning.