When it comes to hardwood flooring, do you prefer dark or light wood? If you’re considering home renovations, odds are you’ve asked yourself that very question. While it’s a difficult decision, the color you choose is a big one that determines the entire vibe of your home/room. What are some differences and maintenance requirements for both? Using one of America’s most beloved beverages- coffee- we’ll compare the differences! Trust us, this comparison will make sense!

Dark wood floors are classic and come in a variety of different color variations. Think of dark hardwood like coffee: some are a true dark wood like hickory- hello black coffee- while some are the perfect blend of dark and lighter wood like walnut- a splash of cream. No matter your personal style, dark wood flooring can look glamorous against any colored wall or baseboard. Matching furniture to dark wood flooring is a little tricky because you want to make sure you have a balance of lighter tones so the space doesn’t appear too dark and closed off. Much like a stain caused by dark coffee is more noticeable than lighter coffee stains, dust, crumbs and scratches are more visible on dark wood versus light wood flooring. While dark wood flooring does require more regular maintenance, there are cleaning products that make it easier to maintain this classic style of flooring. And of course, our flooring experts at Stoneridge are happy to help you care for your dark wood flooring!

Light wood flooring is for the modern and rustic home enthusiast. It’s easy to understand why with its versatility in matching a variety of décor and easy maintenance. Think of light wood flooring as coffee with creamer: the more creamer to add to your coffee, the brighter the color like mahogany or oak flooring. Light wood flooring can make a small room appear larger and can brighten your space, making it the ideal choice for small rooms and homes. Light hardwood floors usually show less dirt and scratches than dark wood floors, making them perfect for homes that have pets and/or little ones.

Whether your style is classic, modern or a mixture of the two, Stoneridge Flooring Design has the perfect hardwood flooring to complement your home! Visit any of our 3 locations in Nixa, Branson and Branson West or contact us today. Also, feel free to browse our online catalog to see the different flooring options we have available. We’d love to help you decide which wood flooring is best for your home!