Different colors of hardwood flooring can give your home entirely different vibes. Medium and dark hardwood can make a room appear smaller and cozy, while lighter hardwood can make a room feel open and warm. Choosing to go light or dark with wood can make all the difference for your home.

Light and medium hardwood like oak and hickory bring a light, airy feel to any room. Additionally, light flooring can give smaller rooms a larger appearance which is great for extra tight spaces. If you have light walls, you may not want a light floor, as they can blend and distort the room’s dimension. Try to have a nice contrast that keeps the room feeling open and warm, but adds some continuity.

Dark hardwood, like maple and cherry, create drama and a statement, and if paired well with your current décor, can be exquisite. If you have dark walls, you’ll want to steer clear of dark floors as the combination will make your room appear much smaller. A neutral or light colored wall will contrast the dark wood in a beautiful way, bringing balance to the eye with both light and dark.

A new and popular flooring trend is gentle grays and airy whites, better known as neutral palette hardwoods. Gray hardwood will give your home a warm, coastal feel and will match nearly all of your furniture given it’s a neutral color, thus not overpowering. Airy whites do exactly what their name implies—they open up a room with an airy feel, which is a great option for small rooms. White hardwood floors can provide a vintage and cottage feel.

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