It's here!

Rejoice, all ye people!

FOOTBALL SEASON, and all its glory, pain, heartache, and triumph!

...and food.

Hot dogs. Chili. Nachos. Soda. Dips. Chips. Nacho chili dogs with dip. You get it, right?

FEAR NOT for your carpet! Regardless of the culinary mishaps that will inevitably occur during post-goal line celebrations (let's call them 'spills'), Mohawk SmartStrand has you covered!

SmartStrand is SO stain-resistant, all you need to clean it is water. That's it. Don't let the durability fool you; it's super-soft. PLUS, it's a smart choice for the environment: it's made in part from renewable resources.

Don't take chances with your carpet. Leave the risk-taking to last-minute drives for the endzone.

Talk to us about the right SmartStrand option for your home...and please take care to limit your intake of nacho chili dogs with dip.