Choosing a carpet for your home can be difficult, especially if you have pets or high-traffic areas. There are various types of carpets and styles to choose from; however, it depends on your needs as to which will work best for your home. Take a look at these important factors to consider when choosing the right carpet for your home:

  • Traffic – Will the carpet be in the bedroom or in the living room? Different spaces have different levels of traffic, so it’s important to keep the amount of traffic in mind depending on your space. If you have a high-traffic area, you’ll want to consider a more durable carpet compared to an area that doesn’t receive as much traffic.
  • Budget – Just like anything else, there’s a wide range of prices when it comes to carpeting, so your budget will be a factor in shopping for carpet.
  • Moisture – Think about how much the area will be exposed to the elements, either outdoor precipitation, or its proximity to the bathroom. Some fibers can tolerate getting wet and others can’t, and certain carpets should be placed in areas or rooms with higher moisture, like a basement or mudroom.
  • Lifetime – How long are you wanting to keep the carpet? This is also important to consider when it comes to your budget and type of carpet. Do you plan on replacing the carpet in the near future, or do you plan on keeping it for years to come?
  • Children and pets – Another factor to consider are spills/accidents of any kind. Different carpets can handle the mess, whereas others aren’t built for it. With kids and animals in the house, you’ll most likely want to choose a stain resistant carpet.
The type of room can also inform the carpet selection. Saxony and velvet are formal and elegant styles of carpet that show footprints, vacuum marks and shading. Both are typically used in more formal or traditional rooms.

Textured, frieze/twist, cut and loop and loop designs are best when you want to conceal traffic or footprints. These styles are best suited for areas that receive a lot of activity, like living rooms or bedrooms.

At Stoneridge Flooring Design, we carry a wide variety of brands, styles and colors of carpet to choose from. Set up a free consultation or contact us to see which carpet is best for your home!