In 2015, Stoneridge Flooring Design officially turns 25. That’s right. We’ve been serving the Ozarks with quality flooring and superior customer service for a quarter of a century.

For many of us at Stoneridge, the journey was not one we expected, but every step of the way has been a blessing. Twenty-five years ago, our customers in the Ozarks started letting us into their homes. We’ve expanded in team, family, and locations. We’ve broadened what we offer our customers, and have been honored in what our customers have given us.

Stoneridge Flooring Design is a family focused business, and we operate on a threefold mission. The first being our commitment to put God first in all endeavors, as it is only by the grace and faithfulness of God that Stoneridge Flooring Design exists. The second is to care for our people, who form the infrastructure of the company. The third is to provide complete customer satisfaction through utilization of quality products, expert installation and unparalleled service.

Our founder and co-owner, Dave Vaughan, ventured into the world of small business ownership when he was twenty-six. Previously in the trucking business, specifically carpet hauling, he describes his evolution from trucking to the flooring business as “roundabout.” Dave’s business partners and fellow co-owners, Mike Vaughan (Dave Vaughan’s brother) and Dave Beebe, both didn’t initially intend to make Stoneridge a career; Mike Vaughan states he came onboard initially to “help out,” not realizing he’d found his calling.

“We work well with one another; we complement each other in the things that we do,” Dave Vaughan said about his co-owners.

Dave Beebe met Dave and Mike after purchasing his own home, and was asked rather quickly when he would come to Stoneridge.

We’ve been fortunate to have prospered and grown over the years, both in locations and selection. With locations in Nixa, Branson, and Branson West, we’ve been able to reach new customers, expand products and services, and share innovative ideas with customers.

“Each and every time we grow, we do so in order to expand the products so we can have more to offer to our customers,” said Mike Vaughan.

Dave Vaughan cites Stoneridge’s willingness and eagerness to try new things in new ways as one of our longstanding secrets to success, and a philosophy we will carry on.

So from all of us at Stoneridge, thank you for an amazing twenty-five years. We look forward to the next!

P.S. Click here to watch our 25th Anniversary web video!